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Rose Water Hydrating Spray

Rose Water Hydrating Spray

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What is Frownies Organic Rose Water Spray?

 Our Rose Water Hydrator Spray is an organic skincare solution designed to deliver optimal hydration and vital nutrients to your skin, packaged in a convenient and sustainable spray bottle measuring 2 fl oz (59ml). The formula uses rose water, Rosa Damascena hydrosol, which is renowned for its ability to help maintain the skin's pH balance and control excess oil with a calming and soothing touch.

Our rose water mist is commonly used alongside our facial patches for more effective and longer-lasting applications. Of course, it works beyond our wrinkle patches as a rose water toner, makeup setting spray, or refreshing facial mist. Infused with rose water, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and more, it offers a variety of skin benefits as a simple addition to your daily routine. Its gentle formulation and versatility make it ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin.


  • How to apply for best results

    To use as a toner in your skincare routine:
    After cleansing your skin, close your eyes and spray the desired amount of Rose Water directly onto your face, holding the bottle about 6-8 inches away and moving it around to spray all areas of the face and neck. Typically, 4-6 pumps will be enough. The spray will begin to soak into your skin on its own and you can continue with the next steps in your routine.

    To use with Frownies Facial Patches:
    Follow along with the Facial Patches directions to prepare for application. Spray 1-2 pumps of the Rose Water Hydrator Spray onto the shiny side of each patch. Use your finger to rub the spray around to all the edges and corners and set on counter to dry. Continue following the directions for the Facial Patches to finish applying.

    To use with Frownies Under Eye Gels:
    After your 15-30 minute application with the Under Eye Gels, place them back into their tray and spray with 2-4 pumps of the Rose Water Hydrator Spray to refresh the gels. Slide the tray back into its original packaging or a sealable baggie and store flat in the fridge between uses.

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