Hagina Japanese Mint Oil


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100% Pure - Authentic Japanese Mint Oil. A Natural Mint Essential Oil product that has a deep heating and penetrating effect. Oil is extracted through steam distillation and no other oil has been added. Japanese Mint Oil is known to be beneficial against rheumatic pain. Just a few drops massaged into the skin, stimulates circulation.

Benefits and Uses

    • Helps Promote Circulation.
    • Relieves Tight Muscles and Muscle Cramps.
    • Useful when treating Sprains, Strains Swelling and Dislocations.
    • Headache Relief when Massaged on Temples and Back of Neck.
    • Rub on chest for head and chest cold relief.
    • Sinus Congestion Relief, add a few drops to a basin of hot water, inhale, keeping eyes closed.