GREEN with enVy® 100% Natural Latex Anti-Aging Pillow with COPPER-infused Botanical fibre TENCEL™ Pillowcase + Organic Hemp Travel Bag


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Our Tree Hugger's Pillow!

ALL our Pillows are made using 100% Natural Latex with sustainable fabrics BUT our
special edition 'Green with enVy' 100% Natural Latex Anti-Aging Pillow' with COPPER infused TENCEL™ pillowcase is the only enVy Pillow that is completely plant based and comes with our 100% organic HEMP travel bag.
Like all our pillows, the Green with enVy pillow is for side or back sleepers as it supports your neck and spine, off-loads pressure from your TMJ and prevents sleep wrinkles with its patented OFF-Your-Face design.
PLUS our natural Advanced enVy COPPER™️ technology destroys any nasties you may have brought to bed with you!