COPPER + SILK Anti-Aging Pillow - 100% Natural Latex Pillow with COPPER-infused SILK Pillowcase


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Our top selling pillow - 'The enVy®  COPPER + SILK Pillow'.  We bio-infuse our Canadian made specialized COPPER directly into the pure SILK pillowcase that comes custom-fitted for our 100% Natural Latex Anti-Aging Pillow. Made for those who want the safest, cleanest beauty sleep with the unparalleled benefits of pure COPPER + 100% Mulberry SILK.

This therapeutic pillow supports your neck and spine, OFF-loads pressure from your delicate face and TMJ and prevents sleep wrinkles with its patented OFF-Your-Face design.

*Our Advanced enVy COPPER™️ technology starts destroying any nasties you may have brought to bed with you as soon as your head hits the pillow.