Cactus Collagen Under Eye Gels


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Cactus Collagen Under Eye Gels contain active ingredients approved by board-certified dermatologists to help combat the signs of aging, such as puffy under eyes. Frownies Eye Gels can be used to help brighten dark circles, & smooth fine lines. Peptide-firming eye gel pads may even be reused over again with our rose water spray.

Frownies Under Eye Gels come 3 sets in a pack. They are meant to be worn for 15-30 minutes during the day and they're reusable 3-5 times each set if you have our Rose Water Hydrator. After each use, spray Frownies Under Eye Gels with Frownies Rose Water Hydrator, place them back in the tray, and store them in the Fridge.

Frownies Under Eye Gels should always be applied to clean skin. It's ok to apply skin care before or after you use our Eye Gels.

Apply Frownies Under Eye Gels in any direction that fits your under eye shape (there's not a front or a back). Lay down, rest, relax, and restore for 15-30 min as often as you chose.

When you remove your Under Eye Gels place them back in the tray, spray them with Frownies Rose Water Hydrator and keep them in the refrigerator to keep them from drying out.

Important Note: Frownies Under Eye Gels are not adhesive. They are meant to be worn laying down. The Under Eye Gels come soaking in a liquid serum to keep them moist. The first time you use a set of our Eye Gels you can rub the eye gel around your face and neck to get some of the serum off, or you can gently pat them with a clean dry paper towel to blot off some of the serum. Each time you reuse the gels they will get a little stickier and slide down much less. Ultimately the serum on the gels is highly beneficial to the skin so we recommend just rubbing it all over your face, neck, and chest!