Exion Skin Rejuvenation

As Years Go By, Hyaluronic Acid Fades

With age, the body’s ability to produce own hyaluronic acid decreases rapidly.

The depletion of Hyaluronic Acid has a significant impact on skin quality. Low levels of HA lead to a loss of skin hydration, volume loss, and consequently, the appearance of wrinkles due to collagen and elastin disorganization.
Hyaluronic Acid not only adds volume but also intensifies hydration, leaving the skin glowing and remarkably smooth.

EXION procedure uses a revolutionary combination of two modalities, radiofrequency and targeted ultrasound.

Thanks to that it is the first patented technology which not only promotes collagen and elastin synthesis, but also stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid.
This results in more youthful-looking skin on the face as well as the body.